We will have NO SKATING December 23rd through to January 2nd.

Instead head outdoors and enjoy the snow, sing some songs and have a laughter filled, loving holiday time.


Saturday December 17th is the last regular classes for Groups 3-5.
Sunday, December 18th will be the last time at the rink for Groups 3, 4, 5 until Saturday, January 7th. It is our PARTY! Bring nibblies and come skate with your whole family.
Thursday, Dec.22nd Groups 1 & 2 finish and start again Jan. 3rd.

Find schedule information on our BLOG :

*Meets & Class Schedule Changes 2016-17 – http://www.sjspeedskaters.ca/?page_id=459

*SJASSC Calendar – http://www.sjspeedskaters.ca/?page_id=156