Please join us this Saturday April 28th from 12-5 pm at the Bill McGuire Center, 95 James Renforth Drive in Rothesay.

The AGM will follow the Awards Presentation and we would love to have as many parents as possible take part.

To help for a successful Year End Party we ask that families with names starting with A-M bring fruit/veggie or a sweet tray and families with names starting with N-Z bring Pizza. 

See you on Saturday!!


The AGM will be held on Saturday April 28 (after the party) at the Bill McGuire Center.
The election for SJASSC 2018–2019 Board of Directors , even year positions, are up for election as follows, 2 year term:
Marketing and Fundraising
Athletic Development (1 year)
If anyone in the club has an interest and would like to be nominated for these positions please let Rachel know before April 15th 2018.
To keep our club active, current and to grow our pool of volunteers, it is important that each family consider one parent or another to offer for a position on the board or in some other role to actively assist our Speed  Skating Club.
To all of our members who have volunteered and worked hard this past year for the club, we all thank you for your time and dedication