2021-2022 Skating Season

Hello Everyone,

We are planning the 2021-2022 skating season and registration should be up soon as our skating is set to start Oct 9th, 2021. But, first we need to have our AGM and finalize board positions and plans for the year. We are a 100% volunteer run organization and as such, need active parent involvement to keep things running smoothly. The AGM will be held on Sept 12th/21 at 6PM and all parents and interested volunteers are not only welcome, but are desperately needed (meeting details to come).

Scheduled for Election This Year (Odd Numbered Years) President (Chair Person) – Director of Resources (Equipment) – Director of Communication – Director of Competitions and Officials (Meet Coordinator) – Director of Membership and Athlete Development (AD)

Not Scheduled for Election (but remains vacant) Provincial Director (SSNB Rep) – Vacant

Other Non Elected Volunteers – Gr1 Rep, Gr2 Rep, Gr3 Rep, Gr4 Rep, Gr5 Rep, Gr1-GR3 Assistant Coaches, Gr4-5 Assistant Coaches, Hospitality, Merchandise, Statistics, and Media.

Not Scheduled for Election this Year(even numbered yrs) Vice President, Director of Registration, Director of Coaching, Director of Finance (Treasurer), Director of Marketing and Fundraising.

Duties of the various roles can be found in section 4.1 of our SJASSC Constitution and Bylaws

2021-2022 Skating Season
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