Sue Loparco – Head Coach of “Learn to Skate”

Sue Ellis-Loparco has been coaching “Learn to Skate” with SJASSC since 1998.  Hundreds of children can thank Coach Sue for making their first strides on the ice so enjoyable. Her enthusiasm and coaching expertise extend to many sports including Track and Field. As an educator, she specializes in students with special needs. She is currently the Director of Coaching for SJASSC,and is also active on other boards and groups within the community.

SJASSC Speed Skate Coaching

Miriam Verschoor -Coaching Director SJASSC, Coach for Groups 1 & 2

Miriam Verschoor Nov2014





Miriam is a Level 3 Certified Coach with SJASSC and also coaches with the Hampton Club. She is Long Track Coach for the 2014 Canada Winter Games Team and participated in two CWG as a young skater herself.                                                                                                                                      © SJASSC 2013