Mission Statement


Promote and develop speed skating in the Saint John Area so that participants may learn, enjoy and excel in the sport.


Prepare skaters to participate in all levels of competition including Canada East and Nationals Short Track Championships, Canada Winter Games, International Competition and the Olympics.


Promote and develop the competitive sport of speed skating in the Saint John area through “Learn to Skate” and “Speed skating” programs.

Provide developmentally appropriate training and competition in accordance with Speed Skate Canada’s (SSC) Long Term Participant Athlete Development (LTPAD) model.

Continue to develop coaching and officials in order to preserve the continuation of the sport within Saint John and the surrounding area.

Values of fair play, team work and dedication are developed by participation in sport. These values are strongly encouraged and will stay with the athlete the rest of their lives.

Respect for oneself and between athletes, volunteers, coaches and board members is of utmost importance within the club

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