Athlete Programs

Group 1 Programs

March 5 to March 30

05-Mar relay 4X 1.5L creating space for a pass 3x3x3L + relay 4X 1.5L
07-Mar 3X3L relay vary track /foot pattern 4L X 2 + 15L + 4L X 2
09-Mar Cancelled No group 1
12-Mar Group 2X 10L accel 1/2 lap & Starts 3X3L + 2X6L (+12L)
14-Mar 1 in 2 out 3 X 5L entry with pilon 100m 4X3′ relay teams 3 or 4 2L Xchange No skate relay
16-Mar Jr Trials/Hampton No group 1
19-Mar relay 4X1.5L X 2 o/s pass/def with 2rt strait 4x3L + relay 4X 1.5L
21-Mar 3X1′ 2Xovers xcel  2X(.5L 1L) mid blade 4X(2X2LMed,.5Lfast,1Lslow,.5Lfast)
23-Mar 85m tight /tight 4 X 4L + 15L (passing mvmt)
26-Mar partner relay 2X 3′ Starts – hip ahead of foot 6X 2L + 15L (pts on 5 and 10)
28-Mar 2X8L accel on exit/ 2X (3L, 4L, 8L’) Starts – hip ahead of foot
30-Mar Canada East

Click here for off-ice warm up.

Your off-ice training programs are found here. ( From the Speed Skate NB website.)