Athlete Programs

Group 1 Programs

January 8-19, 2019

* Jan 8-10 is a a taper for CWG trials skaters (volume will be lower).

Date Warm-Up Technical Program Game
08-Jan Group 2X 10L corner push one leg- 5 circles Xcels +4X 12L starts 65L
10-Jan 4X2L relay 85m entry 2X – track pattern 3X(3′ 75%,2′ 85% 4X 1.5L(3prs relay)90% relay 75L
12-Jan St. Croix Long Track CWG Trials
15-Jan 2X corners 3X1.5′ Left deep entry 3X2L 4X accel apex to 7th,3X10L r=2′ 30L
17-Jan 2X corners 3X4L 3X2L deep exit, pass on straight 3X4′ relays r=w – 90% starts
19-Jan 3X1′ fig 8 + 5′ relay The forth, the fifth – 85m 3X (2m,2f,1s) + 2000m pts 65L


Click here for off-ice warm up.