Athlete Programs

Group 1 Programs

November 13 to November 28

13/11/2018 3X 7L sing leg,/ activate fwd 20,15,10,5L passing – rt on apex relay no xovers
15/11/2018 partner relay 3′ corner entries rt and tight 3X{6l,4L,3L} r=w E2E relay
17/11/2018 3X5L load/lean/press 6m var track 100m 1/2L pass 3X4L 15L X 3 12-13′ per lap + 10″ accels Slide Board
19/11/2018 relay 4X2L starts review 3X 3L pursuit (5L ,15L, 4L ,12L) 15L cool dwn
20/11/2018 2X8L + pwr xcl .5L straight/shuffle build/straight 2L 3 prsn relay 5X3′ (timing)
22/11/2018 3X1′ 2Xovers 4X 1.5L progressive 10/8/7/8/5L last 2 from strt 3X2l 3prs relay
24/11/2018 Harold Joyce


Click here for off-ice warm up.