Code of Conduct

SJASSC Code of Conduct

for Coaches and others in Positions of Authority

  • Coaches and others in positions of authority must be conscious of never putting themselves in a situation where anything they say or do can be misconstrued and lead to an accusation of wrongdoing.
  • Youth must be protected from any possible abusive or uncomfortable situations.
  • Coaches or adults should not send personal messages to individual skaters. Any communication (such as e-mails, Facebook or other media messages) should be sent to the group and/or also include the parent.
  • When interacting with youth, those in positions of authority should: watch their language, always be respectful, not be alone in a closed room (with a youth), not touch in a way that could be interpreted as inappropriate.
  • Any concerns regarding discipline, conflict or personal issues can and should be addressed to the Head Coach and/or Director of Coaching and/or the President.
  • This will be distributed by e-mail to all coaches and board members. It will also be available on the SJASSC website, and included in the next revision of the SJASSC Constitution.

Definition of “persons in Positions of Authority”  includes but is not limited to coaches, assistant coaches, on ice helpers, club directors and volunteers.

Submitted by Shawna White, President, and accepted by the Board of Directors on Dec 1, 2011.

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