Canada Winter Games Training 2015

The Saint John Amateur Speed Skating club has 4 athletes going to Prince George for the Canada Games.
A large group of skaters made the committment to train for the Canada Games, attended many training camps and competitions over a two year period, and ultimately participated in Short Track and/or Long Track Selection competitions. The NB Long Track team consists of 4 men and 4 women, and the Short track Team has 5 men and 5 women. Both teams also have alternates who have continued to train with the team in case someone is injured or unable to attend the games. Simone Hebert is the long track alternate and is a 15 year old student at École Samuel de Champlain in Saint John.
SJASSC CWG 2015 Athlete Profiles: 
Paul Tremblay, 17
Short Track Speed Skating
Hello, my name is Paul Tremblay. I am in Grade 12 at École Samuel de Champlain. I have been skating for 13 years. My family has always been the active type. On a day with nothing to do we would get up and go climb a mountain or go for a run at Rookwood park. This will be my 2nd Canada Games. I went to the summer games in Sherbrooke in 2013 in the sport of Triathlon! I have been waiting for this opportunity for quite sometime with my sisters speed skating at the Halifax Games four years ago.
I love speed skating- I always have. My favorite part of the sport I’d have to say is the danger (haha).  I just love the rush of being in the middle of the race where you look all over…always on the ball… ready to push… when you hit the perfect edge and you carve a corner and get that 8.9 sec lap! Who doesn’t like to go fast??? The pure speed is always crazy fun… Nothing beats that!
I can’t wait for Canada Games. We’ve been training for so long I just can’t wait to put it on the ice and do my best for New Brunswick.

Danielle Dumouchel, 16
Long Track Speed Skating
I have skated for about 11 years, and am in grade 11 at École Samuel de Champlain.
I love short track and long track speed skating. Both provide an exciting feeling of racing and speed. The strategies, unpredictability and adrenaline rush of racing in Short Track is very exhilarating. Racing Long Track on the big outdoor oval, with the feeling of riding your blade’s edges, and the sound of their claps… is incomparable!  Most of my skating experience has been Short Track. NB has a really strong group of girls and I didn’t perform my best at selections due to an injury, so was the alternate for the Short Track team. Fortunately I was also eligible to try for the Long Track team, so changed mindset and set new goals. I have worked hard to recover from the injury and be the best Long Tracker I can be. The closest long track ovals are in Halifax and Quebec City so it would not have been possible without the support from my family and school.
Even though speedskating is an individual sport, you build lots of great friendships within the province as well as across the country. The team is like family. I am looking forward to representing my province and seeing games from an athletes perspective. In Halifax for CWG 2011 I was cheering on my big brother and loved the atmosphere and team spirit of games- GO NB!
Ian Verschoor, 16
Long Track Speed Skating
I started skating at age 7 so have been skating for 9 yrs. I attend school at Sussex Regional High School. My other interests include running, reading, and playing soccer. In 2014 I came first for my age group at the Hampton 5 Miler, I went to provincials for soccer in 2010, and I am an avid Harry Potter fan.
I enjoy speed skating because it is both physically and mentally demanding. It is thrilling and enjoyable to go fast. In skating, you get to meet and become friends with people you would not normally know. I’m looking forward to meeting skaters and athletes from all over the country at Canada Games.
(Ian is a member of the Hampton Speed Skating Club, and also trains with SJASSC. His brothers also skate, and his mother, Miriam coaches in Hampton, Saint John, and the CWG LT Team.)
Maggie Oliver, 15
Long Track Speed Skating
I am a grade 10 student at Saint John High School. I’ve been skating for 12 years and speed skating for 8. I like to run long distance track for the school in the off season and also swim and bike. I play the piano when I’m not busy training or traveling. I skate with my younger siblings Will and Claire. Will and I are very competitive against each other- so much so my mom can barely watch us race when we are in the same heat. My parents are a great support team. I love speed skating because it has such an exciting competitive atmosphere, long track or short track. The people are really great to be around. I’ve made some life long friends. Plus it’s all on YOU. In long track you get one race per distance to show what you’ve got, so you have to leave it all on the ice. I’m so excited for the Canada Games experience since this is my first time competing in a competition this big. I’m ready to “give it my all” for Team NB.
A Word from Speed Skate New Brunswick Coach Peter Steele
When we talk about Commitment in Sport – We always assume it is the Athletes commitment to their perseverance of excellence within that sport. In speed skating that is true. All these Canada Games athletes have learned a good work ethic at a younger age and learned how to train properly and get the best results from it.  They have put in two years of committed training to a longer term goal. Not all the athletes made the team but must be recognized as builders of the TEAM, because of the way they forced others to work harder.  Maggie, Ian, Danielle and Paul have succeeded in their quest for a position on TEAM NB. This is a huge sporting opportunity and all have worked extremely hard. The Journey is not over, the actual competition lies ahead. My wish is that everyone relaxes and focuses on what they can do and goes out and grabs the successes they are striving for at the Games.

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