Fundraising Events happening in 2017-2018.

SJASSC 2017 – 18 Fundraising Options


Bottle Drive –  Saturday , October 21st at Charles Gorman Arena during regular skating times. To be held once monthly thereafter, dates to be announced.

Community Living  “Cash for Clothes” Clothing Drive     – Saturday October 21st at Charles Gorman Arena during regular skating times.  Bring reusable clothing, bedding, towels, shoes, belts, purses.  No household items or furniture.

Winter Warmer Raffle

Members are encouraged to donate wine, spirits, NBLC gift cards, etc to be raffled.  We will endeavour to do this TWICE this year:  once before Christmas (December 16th and again just prior to the Dieppe meet in February (February 3rd)!

These tickets are available for ALL members to sell, Groups 1 to 5.  All funds raised go to OUR club.

Fundraising Basic Information…Groups 1-3

$125 fundraising fee for each Group 3 skater,
$150 fundraising fee for each Group 2 skater,
$200 Fundraising fee for each Group 1 skater.
There will be a price for the top fundraiser in each group!
Skaters may participate in as many of the Fundraising events as they want to earn back their money. Most will be done between Oct-Feb; details will be on the website and in e-mails.If you fundraise over your fundraising fee then the excess amount will go to SJASSC. If you prefer to not participate in fundraising activities, the fundraising cheque will be cashed .
Fundraising – Trudi Buote


  1. Java Moose Coffee – Java Moose Fundraising Worksheet(SEASONAL)

Fundraiser runs until November 18th.  Orders ready for pick up in about 2 weeks.  We will be running a second fundraiser from January 9th to February 10th.

Cost                 Sell                  Credit to skater

Half Pound Bags          $6.26              $10                  $3.74/bag

K-cups                         $6.75/doz        $10                  $3.25/doz

Available as:  Foghorn, SWP Colombian Decaf, Bay of Fundy, Cookies & Cream, Cocoa Mocha Nut, Vanilla Buttercream, Jamaican Butter Rum Fudge, Eggnog, and Candycane.

  1. 31 Days of Thirty-One

Fundraiser runs until January 31st.  Tickets must be returned ASAP for February 1st draw.  One prize drawn each day for month of February.  Three special ‘double draw’ days to make it 31 days!  Thirty-one prizes in total.  All tickets MUST be sold!  Only 300 tickets printed, so if you take’em, sell’em!

$10/ticket               Credit to skater is $5/ticket ONLY IF all tickets sold.


  1. Flipgive

Fundraiser runs year round.

Flipgive is an online shopping platform.  You shop online, as usual, with popular brands like Walmart, Apple, Under Armour, Indigo, etc or buy eGift cards to restaurants and earn a percentage cash back!
To get started all you have to do is join the team and shop. You earn an extra $5 when you make your first purchase.  Then, all you do is remember to visit our team store before you shop online, eat out, or travel so that you will earn cash back toward your fundraising commitment . This is the easiest way to raise money, especially suited to individuals who hate to sell things! You can also invite your friends and relatives to do their online shopping from the Flipgive platform as well.

Join the team now:
Here’s a list of the brands and restaurants you can shop:


  1. Group Bake Sales

There will be three bake sales.  Participants in each bake sale will split the profit from that bake sale and have it applied toward their fundraising commitment.

Group 1 bake sale will be Saturday December 2nd at Gorman meet.

Group 2 bake sale will be Sunday December 3rd at Gorman meet

Group 3 bake sale will be at Fundamental meet or another date TBA


  1. Gift Card Raffle

Details to follow!


  1. Cookie Dough (Otis Spunkmeyer) – same cookies as Subway! Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Fundraising program runs to November 18th.  Pre-portioned, place-n-bake, frozen cookie dough (2.7 lb), frozen muffins, and frozen pizzas.  Orders arrive approximately three weeks later.  There are order minimums with this company, so there may a small difference in the amount of the credit to skater to absorb shipping fees.  A second cookie dough fundraiser will run from January 9th to February 10th.


Cost.          Sell.       Credit to skater

Cookie dough (36/box).            $9/box.      $15.        $6

Variety pack muffins (15/pkg)   $10.80.      $18.        $7.20

Pizza                                         $9.60ea.    $16         $6.40


  1. Jack Links Beef Jerky – Beef Jerky 

Jack Links offers 3 different jerky products for members to sell, or buy for themselves.  Program runs to November 18th and Jerky should arrive approximately three weeks later.

Sell             Credit to skater

Beef Steak Sticks  12x28G                    $36/box       $14.40-$18*

Squatch Sticks       20x28G                   $40/box        $16-$20*

Beef Jerky Bags    12x35G                    $42/box        $16.80-$18.90*

*credit varies based on total number of cases sold by all club members


  1. New Corporate Sponsors

Skaters are encouraged to invite NEW corporate sponsors to support our Club.  Sponsorship information is available on our website, or from Trudi Buote at  We will award 10% of the amount sponsored toward that skater’s fundraising commitment.