AGM 2016 – Sunday April 24th

     End of Year Party and Annual General Meeting of the SJASSC will take place Sunday, April 24th from 12 noon -5pm at the Bill Maguire Center (95 James Renforth Dr​, ​Rothesay, NB E2H 1K7, Canada)​.


  Please send all year end reports for the AGM to me by Sunday April 10th at the latest so I can prepare for the AGM on April 24th.

     Board positions are elected as two year terms, unless a position has been vacated. Positions up for election at the AGM are Positions up for elections – Even Year- SSNB RepCoaching, Marketing & Fundraising, Registration, Finance.  Joe Oliver ( and Rachel Haslett ( are the nomination committee. 

   There are many opportunities to help out in other ways within the club, and your input and ideas are always welcome.





Section 3.0            The Board of Directors (B.O.D.)  of the Club shall consist of:


  • President
  • Director of Registration
  • Director of Coaching
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Communication
  • Director of Competitions and Officials
  • Director of Membership and Athlete Development
  • Director of Marketing and Fundraising
  • Director of Resources
  • Member(s) of Provincial Board of Directors


Section 3.0.1         Additional positions may be utilized to aid succession and continuity. This could be a Vice-president training for the position of President and/or the immediate Past-president staying on the board to assist. These members may hold other board positions at the same time.


Section 3.1            Members of the Board of Directors, including the member of the Provincial Board of Directors are to be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.


Section 3.1.1         The Chairperson, Director of Resources, Director of Communication, Director of Competitions and Officials, and Director of Membership and Athlete Development and are to be elected in odd numbered years.



Section 3.1.2         The Director of Registration, Director of Coaching, Director of Finance, Director of Marketing and Member of Provincial Board of Directors shall be elected in even numbered years.


Section 3.2           A nominating committee shall be appointed by the Chairperson prior to the Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) to submit a slate of Directors to the A.G.M.  Further nominations may be made from the floor at the A.G.M.


Section 3.3           If elected according to the above schedule, members of the B.O.D. shall hold office for a period of 2 years, starting May 1 following his/her election.  All directors shall be eligible for re-election.


Section 3.4.1         Upon the resignation of a Director, or upon the occurrence of a vacancy between Annual General Meetings, the vacancy may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining Directors at a meeting of the Board of Directors called for this purpose.  This newly elected director will fill the position until the next scheduled election for that position, which may be less than two years. (The majority vote is to be a majority of the actual number of Directors on the Board of Directors – not merely a majority of Directors present.)


Section 3.4.2  A two year committment, with elections on the stated years is preferable. Sometimes it may be necessary to deviate from this to allow movement between positions, or to fill unplanned vacancies.


Section 3.5            A Director may relinquish his or her position by submitting his or her own resignation to the Board of Directors. A Director may be relieved of his or her position upon receipt of a written request to do so from all remaining Directors on the Board of Directors.





Section 4.0            The Board of Directors shall manage the property and assets of the Club. It shall enforce the preservation of order and obedience to the Constitution and By-Laws, and shall have the power to employ such service and assistance, and to make such rules and regulations as are necessary for the comfort and success of the Club in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws.


Section 4.1            General Responsibilities and Duties of Directors


  • Directors may establish a committee to assist them in carrying out their duties.
  • Each Director should communicate about the annual budget with the Director of Finance no later than March 31 of each year.
  • Directors may be required to sit on related NBASSA Committees.
  • Directors are expected to take part in monthly, B.O.D. and other meetings as well as communicate by phone or e-mail as necessary.
  • Directors are expected to work together as needed and take part in club activities such as Open Houses and Meets.


Section 4.1.1         Duties of the PRESIDENT


  • The President may also be known as the Chairperson.
  • Oversee the day to day operations of the SJASSC and ensure the provision of services as per the Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Delegate operations of SJASSC as required and establish special committees as required.
  • Act as advisor/consultant to the Directors and committees.
  • Supervise the activities of any and all agents or employees of SJASSC.
  • Shall have no vote on the Board of Directors except in the case of a tie.
  • Liaise with NBASSA and SSC in all matters that affect the Club.
  • Evaluate and approve expenditures within established guidelines.
  • Assume the responsibilities of the Directors position while a Directorship is vacant
  • Call Board of Director meetings as required.
  • Prepare Agendas (with assistance of Director of Communications) and chair meetings.
  • Have signing authority in conjunction with the Director of Finance and one other selected Director.
  • Spokesperson of SJASSC to outside agents unless delegated.
  • Shall express the views and wishes of the SJASSC.




Section 4.1.2         Duties of Director of REGISTRATION


  • Also known as the Registrar
  • Develop a strategy to hold an annual registration time for the start of the season.
  • This includes setting location, organizing volunteers and preparing updated paperwork.
  • Ensure all members have completed and signed a current registration form.
  • Enter and update membership data into SSC database in a timely manner.
  • Collect appropriate fees, provide receipts and submit fees to the Director of Finance.
  • Provide an up-to-date list of members, with appropriate information, to other Directors and coaches.
  • Coordinate the distribution, collection and submission of meet forms and fees for ALL Meets and events.


Section 4.1.3         Duties of Director of COACHING


  • Ensure that there are adequate numbers of qualified coaches for all groups of skaters.
  • Consult NBASSA and NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) about the availability of training for Coaches and ensure that members participate.
  • Assure that training and activities correlate with SSC’s Long Term Participant Athlete Development Plan.
  • Administer the pin program for all skaters.
  • Provide a yearly schedule of practice times and coaches.
  • Work with Provincial Coach/Technical Director and develop programs


Section 4.1.4         Duties of Director of FINANCE


  • Also known as Treasurer
  • Provide a yearly financial statement and present it at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Keep an up-to-date record of all finances.
  • Ensure all registration fees, meet fees, fund raising receipts and any other cash or cheques are collected and deposited promptly.
  • Ensure any payments, refunds or other cheques are sent in a timely manner.
  • Have signing authority in conjunction with the Director of Communications or the Chairperson and one other selected Director for all funds that have been approved. by the Board of Directors.


Section 4.1.5         Duties of Director of COMMUNICATION


  • Take minutes at all meetings of the Board of Directors and provide a copy to each Director in a timely manner.
  • Send and receive all communications, correspondence, letters, documents and such for the Club.
  • Provide information to the club members using e-mails, social media and the website.
  • Provide media coverage of all major events and meets
  • Submit information on meet results to the Media
  • Provide a current list of SSNB Directors.
  • Send copy of agenda of Annual General Meeting to each member two to four weeks prior to the AGM.
  • Work with the Chair to make arrangements for a suitable location and time of meetings.


Section 4.1.6         Duties of Director of COMPETITIONS


Currently SJASSC hosts 2 Meets: The Charles Gorman Memorial Speed Skating Championships (Formerly known as the Maritime Championships, renamed in 2011) and a FUNdamentals Meet. In the past SJASSC would host 4 meets: The Maritime Championships, Charles I Gorman NB Outdoor and two in-club meets.


  • Also known as The Meet Coordinator
  • The Director of Competitions coordinates all meets held during the skating season.
  • This involves the scheduling of officials, volunteers and paramedics. (Referees, Line Judges, Timers, Lap Counters, Corner Stewards, Office Staff, Runners, Starters, Water Carriers. )
  • Ensure all necessary equipment is available for each meet (lap counter, guns, watches).
  • Coordinate with Registrar to ensure meet registration forms are sent out at the appropriate time.
  • Procure ice time from the City of Saint John for each skating season. This involves time for practices, meets, training camps or summer camp.
  • Consult NBASSA about the availability of training for Officials and ensure that members participate.
  • Obtain and update a list of all qualified Officials in New Brunswick.


Section 4.1.7         Duties of Director of MEMBERSHIP and ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT


  • Develop a strategy to ensure a healthy growth in the number of members.
  • Work with Provincial Coach/Technical Director to provide an awareness of speed skating in the community.
  • Work with Director of Marketing/Fundraising on production and distribution of marketing information such as posters and brochures.
  • Develop a budget for the funding of provincial team members for each skating year.
  • Obtain documentation on the development of speed skating from outside sources.
  • Assure that training and activities correlate with SSC’s Long Term Participant Athlete Development Plan.
  • Provide information to parents and guardians about the Club program and address any concerns.
  • Provide an awareness of availability of Club apparel, skin suits or jackets.


Section 4.1.8         Duties of Director of MARKETING and FUNDRAISING


  • Conduct fund raising activities that will ensure a good financial position of the Club.
  • Normally every year several fund raising activities are carried out.
  • Approach and maintain a good working relationship with corporate sponsors.
  • Search for and apply for other funding options such as grants.
  • Work with Director of Membership/A.D. on production and distribution of marketing information such as posters and brochures.
  • Coordinate Fundraising activities and sales of Program Ads for the Charles Gorman Memorial Meet.


Section 4.1.9         Duties of Director of RESOURCES


  • Also known as Equipment Manager.
  • Acquisition and distribution of Club clothing, skate equipment, etc.
  • Responsible for managing the skate rental program.
  • Ensure all Club assets are accounted for and in good working order. This includes; board pads, blocks, skates, jigs, watches, pistols and sharpening stones.
  • Annually submit requirements for additional assets; new board pads, additional skates, etc.
  • Make arrangements to repair or have repaired defective or damaged assets; board pads, watches, guns, etc.
  • Arrange to teach parents and skaters about proper skate care and sharpening.


Section 4.1.10         Duties of PROVINCIAL DIRECTOR


  • Also known as SSNB Representative
  • Submit reports as available to the Board of Directors about the provincial directions, policies, etc.
  • Take to the provincial body all concerns, problems and directions that the Club Board of Directors may have.
  • Should a vacancy exist on any Committee of Speed Skate New Brunswick, our Provincial Director would automatically be entitled to represent Saint John Amateur Speed Skating Club at any and all meetings of said committee(s).