We are holding a meet at the Gorman on November 1st- The FUNdamentals Meet. Here is a link to the invitation and registration form.

Deadline to register is this Saturday, Oct.25th.
     This meet is a fun meet with a mixture of types of races, lots of excitement and laughs and a good introduction to how a meet is conducted for those who want to start doing racing competitions this season.
      You can bring the registration and $10 fee in on this coming SATURDAY, Oct. 25th or slide it under our office door upstairs in the rink at anytime before then. Payment must be with the registration. We are also at the rink on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5;30-8pm if you want to see any of us in person.
        We hope you and your skater can take part. It is a fun day.
   NOTE-on the registration form do not worry about filling in where it asks for your child’s racing times. The coaches will figure that out. We want to make up groupings for the races that match children of similar speeds.


You can still join us at the Gorman Arena…

Sept 6, 13 and 27: Group 1 8:00-9:15 am, Group 2-3 9:15-10:15 am
Note: Sept 20 9:15-10:15 only due to a Canada Winter Games training camp

Fall skating is optional and is for skaters who were in Groups 1-3 last season. (It isn’t suitable for those who are just starting group 3)

This is included for those who signed up for full off-season program, or is $60 for just the Fall sessions.