LEARN TO SKATE programs are great for beginners and children wishing to improve their skating skills.

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Our LEARN TO SKATE programs are for children ages 4 and up by June 30th, 2023, who can follow simple instructions. No experience necessary! Lessons are taught in either hockey or figure skates and build a great foundation for future skating. Our coaching staff is led by a long term coach who has had great success in the past teaching many of our programs, and is assisted by our older accomplished skaters adding to a greater coach to skater ratio.


Learn to Skate – Beginner (Group 6)
One 30-minute lesson per week on Sunday
-Beginner skating skills for age 4 and up.
-Develop confidence and ability in a fun, game-based environment.

Learn to Skate – Beginner (Group 5)
Two 30-minute lessons per week on Saturday AND Sunday
-Beginner skating skills for children who want more time on the ice.
-Develop confidence and ability in a fun, game-based environment.

Learn to Skate – Skills Improvement (Group 4)
-Two 45-minute lessons per week
-More advanced skating skills development through fun activities and games.
-For age 6 and up who can already skate the length of the ice.
-Skaters are invited to participate in local FUNdamentals Meets if interested.

Learn To Skate Information Sheet

Program Times


Introduction to Speed Skating (Group 3)
-Two 60 minute lessons per week
-Fundamental technical skills specific to speed skating
-Builds general athleticism: agility, balance, coordination, and speed.
-Ages 7 and up.
-Speed skates are highly recommended and available for rental.
-Skaters are encouraged to participate in FUNdamentals Meets and local area races.

Intermediate Speed Skating (Group 2)
-Three 60 minute lessons per week plus dryland training
-Develops speed skating specific skills, technique and endurance.
-Most compete at meets throughout the Province and Maritimes with goals of personal bests and having fun.

Advanced Competitive Speed Skating (Group 1)
-Three 90 minute lessons per week plus dryland training
-Skaters continue to refine technical and tactical aspects of the sport, as well as physical and mental preparedness for competitions.
-These skaters represent our club at Provincial and Maritime Competitions and represent SSNB at National competitions.

**Ages are guidelines only as SJASSC uses the Long Term Participant and Athlete Development Model (LTPAD) which allows appropriate training based on physical development.

*Group placements are decided by the coaches based on factors including skater ability, maturity, and the number of skaters.

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